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Sefer HaShiva
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Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Thank you for visiting the webpage for our innovative, new Sefer HaShiva book specifically written to give guidance and inspiration to visitors to a shiva house.


This publication is not just a prayer book. It contains all the prayers we say in a shiva house, but it is much, much more. it also contains ideas and explanations about the prayers, stories, insights and frequently asked questions as well as a guide to the shiva house itself. It includes over 30 thought-provoking essays by a wide variety of US Rabbis and Rebbetzens as well as other learned men and women from our communities. Subjects include Why Do We Pray?, Kaddish: Sanctifying Life, The Memorial Prayer: Powerful Words, The Soul in Judaism, Life After Death and The Power of Community. The book contains messages from both Lord Sacks, Emeritus Chief Rabbi and Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.


If you’d like to download a compilation of the essays in Sefer HaShiva you can do so for free by clicking on the relevant link at the bottom of the page. As this PDF is an extract from the full book pages 30 to 143 containing the Prayers for a Shiva House are not included. If you are printing out this download please be aware that the Hebrew pages may contain God’s name and should be treated respectfully.


If you’d like a copy of the full book including all the prayers for the Shiva House please email and we’ll happily send you one. The cost of a shiva book is £3 for US members and £4 for non-members, plus postage. (Multiple copies can be purchased by arrangement. Please email for details.)


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