Security Appeal

Security Appeal

Help us keep your Jewish life safe and secure.

CST and the United Synagogue are working together, making every effort to enhance our community’s safety, security and self-confidence. This means ensuring that our buildings have adequate security facilities, such as CCTV systems, perimeter fencing, locks and alarms. This is CST’s Security Enhancement Project.

The Security Enhancement Project brings CST and the United Synagogue together for the long-term benefit of our community and its infrastructure. The project has seen CST spending over £10 million to strengthen communal buildings against attack. The project’s goal is to ensure that all Jewish communal premises meet the recommendations of Government counterterrorism guidance, summarised as: 

• DETER a would-be intruder/attacker/terrorist, by providing physical and electronic security measures, coupled with good management practices.

• DETECT an intrusion, by providing alarm and visual-detection systems with verification.

• DELAY an intrusion for a sufficient period of time to allow a response force to attend, by putting in place the appropriate physical security measures.

With your help this important work can be continued. CST works with all US synagogues giving advice and assistance on security matters. 

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