About US Schools

About US Schools

A growing number of parents choose Jewish day schools for their children. Indeed, we believe that the majority of Jewish children in the London area now attend a Jewish school. This is because they provide a warm and caring Jewish environment where their children will receive a solid foundation in Jewish knowledge and practice, together with a love of Israel. In addition to the high standards of secular education, all maintained schools (funded by the Government through local authorities) teach the entire National Curriculum and have wonderful modern facilities, providing outstanding environments and the best possible opportunities for learning. This is confirmed by recent Ofsted reports.

The United Synagogue serves its members and the wider community by acting as the foundation body for seven Jewish day schools in Greater London together with a further three schools in the Scopus Jewish Education Trust. It works on behalf of the schools with government departments and agencies; channelling information between central and local government and most Jewish schools; offering training programmes for Foundation Governors of United Synagogue schools and organising training and advisory seminars for Jewish day school governors.

For further information please contact: Tamar Berman at tberman@theus.org.uk

Why Choose a United Synagogue School?

Competition for a place at a Jewish day school is always strong. This is because as well as achieving excellent results in exams and an extremely high standard of education, Jewish schools also instil a deep-rooted sense of moral guidance. This is true too of the schools in the United Synagogue ‘family’.

Schools in the ‘US family’ combine teaching the National Curriculum with a tailor-made Jewish Studies curriculum to ensure that students can engage with the modern world, whilst at the same time learn about and gain a good knowledge and love of their religion.

Most of our primary schools have nurseries (Early Years Units) attached to them, but admission to the reception classes for those at the nursery cannot, by law, be guaranteed. Almost all have either been built within the last few years or have been substantially redeveloped so that they boast some of the most up to date facilities in their areas, with computer suites, interactive whiteboards and a host of other technologically advanced hardware.

As our schools are voluntary aided, all secular teaching costs are paid for by the government. However, Jewish Studies (including Hebrew) are funded by parental voluntary contributions, as are some additional security and other costs. These vary from school to school and are dealt with by each school separately. All the United Synagogue primary schools cooperate in a number of ways, sharing ‘best practice’ and developing innovative programmes, particularly in dealing with the multicultural society in which we live.

For a contact list of all US schools and other schools under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi, please click here.