Reserving a Grave and Grave Maintenance

Reserving a Grave and Grave Maintenance

If you would like to reserve a grave in a specific area in one of our cemeteries, please get in touch with Melvyn Hartog  (Tel: 020 8343 6283) who will discuss the options available to you.

Please remember, when you have reserved a burial plot or plots in any of our cemeteries (including in the US section in the Eretz HaChaim cemetery in Israel) it is on the clear understanding that you will maintain your US membership and continue your annual payments to the Funeral Expenses Scheme. If you leave the US membership then the reserved plot is lost and we will reimburse you for the cost of the plot or plots at the price that was paid for them.

If you would like to maintain a grave, click the find a grave search image to the right of the page and find the grave you wish to maintain.   

Tombstone Maintenance

The Cemeteries Maintenance Department provides a tombstone cleaning service for members of the community - the United Synagogue Burial Society currently provides this service for some 12,000 memorials, which are cleaned by a number of dedicated skilled Stone Masons.

Those memorials already on our books or newly erected memorials fall under the Annual Cleaning Contract. The service provides two cleans per year plus any peripheral maintenance of the memorial. This usually entails lifting the memorial if there is subsidence; the replacement of lettering; re-fixing; and the stopping up of grouting. The memorial is inspected twice yearly by the Foreman and if the memorial's inscription needs to be re-cut this is quoted for, or a letter is sent out with a list of approved external masons. Similarly, if the Foreman deems that it needs a complete renovation he will arrange this within the contract.

  • The 2019 fee for this service is £121.00 for a double memorial and £85.00 for a single memorial, inclusive of VAT. If you would like to set up a direct debit, this service is £116.00 for a double memorial and £81.00 for a single memorial.

    New Estimates

    This refers to when a member of the public makes enquiries about having a memorial cleaned for the first time. The preliminary estimate sheet is filled out and passed onto the estimators. They inspect the memorial and submit the form back to the Cemeteries Maintenance Department. They in turn send out a quotation to the client. This can include some of the following:

    ● To thoroughly clean and stop up joints - to renovate the memorial using abrasive pads and grout the joints with the appropriate coloured cement.

    ● To lift level - level out memorial if it has subsided.

    ● Replace missing letters

    ● Re-black inscription - Re-paint the raised lead lettering black.

    ● Gold gild lettering

    The client keeps one copy of the quotation and sends the other back with the remittance. The work is then carried out within a set period of time - usually within six weeks. On completion a letter is sent to the client informing them that the work has been done. The client will also have an option on the quotation to put the memorial onto the annual cleaning scheme. All quotations are inclusive of VAT.


Extended Care Programmes

This new programme allows a one off payment to cover the maintenance for a set number of years. The service provided is the same high level as all the Care Programmes. The benefit of this programme is that the length of care is calculated on the current annual rate and not subject to any increases in cost.

Single Memorial - 10 Years - £834
Single Memorial - 15 Years - £1,252
Single Memorial - 20 Years - £1,668
Single Memorial - 25 Years - £2,084
Single Memorial - 30 Years - £2,500

Double Memorial - 10 Years - £1,202
Double Memorial - 15 Years - £1,802
Double Memorial - 20 Years - £2,404
Double Memorial - 25 Years - £3,004
Double Memorial - 30 Years - £3,605

Jubilee Care Programme

There is also a Jubilee Care Programme available. Once the memorial is in a good order clients can request a “JCP” for a one-off payment. This ensures that the memorial stays on the maintenance contract (to be cleaned twice a year) for a period of 50 years. This includes keeping the memorials clean and in good order, but does not include the deterioration of the inscription through age. 

The price for this is: 

Single Memorial - £4,042.00 
Double Memorial - £6,300.00

Setting up a Direct Debit for Annual Maintenance 

This couldn’t be easier fill out the instruction to your bank or building society overleaf and save up to 5% on your annual maintenance. 

Direct Debit Prices 

Single Memorial          £81

Double Memorial        £121

All prices shown, unless stated, are for 2019.

Many clients take up this option when managing the estate of a loved one. It gives the assurance that a memorial is being inspected and cleaned on a regular basis without the worry and expense of annual invoices. For more information on the Cemeteries Maintenance Department please contact or download the brochure below:

    Tel: 020 8950 7767 (Select option 2)
    Fax: 020 8950 5788


    Memorial Care Programme Brochure