Dayan - London Beth Din
Jobs Closing Date: 
Monday 29th July 2019

£90,000 – £110,000 pa, depending on experience 


The United Synagogue is looking for a full-time Dayan to join the internationally - respected London Beth Din, under the leadership of the Rosh Beth Din, Dayan M. Gelley.

The Dayan will participate in all areas of work of the London Beth Din, which provides a full range of services to the United Synagogue and wider British Jewish Community, including Dinei Torah, Gittin, Kashrus, Shechita, Gerus and Birur Yahadus. You will welcome the opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Chief Rabbi, help guide and advise the United Synagogue Rabbinate and respond to She’ailos from our community at large.

This senior role calls for a Talmid Chacham of repute, with experience consistent with the highest standards expected of the London Beth Din. You will have an understanding of, and sympathetic approach to, the ethos of the United Synagogue - an orthodox body open to all Jews regardless of their level of observance.

The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate high-level knowledge in most, if not all, areas of Beth Din work and have had considerable experience in the field. You will have good interpersonal skills, a sensitive and empathetic approach, strong verbal and written communication capabilities and an understanding of British culture and the British Jewish community. You will be capable of functioning as part of a team, whilst working unsupervised to the highest level of professional standards on often sensitive, confidential matters.

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