US Community Development Fund
Date Uploaded: 
Monday 19th March 2018

The new US Community Development Fund has been created to give United Synagogue communities the opportunity to innovate in order to:

  • Increase active participation
  • Increase membership
  • Reach new demographics
  • Develop community leaders
  • Adapt to changing circumstances

The establishment of the Fund is one of the outcomes of the 2015 United Synagogue Strategic Review which will help communities build vibrant and engaged hubs of Jewish life. The Fund is available to communities with an eye to the future who seek to implement a strategic plan, pilot a radical idea or simply develop their offering in line with the changing needs of those in their local area.

Grants will be awarded by the Community Development Fund Board. It is anticipated that this Board will award new grants to approximately 6-8 communities over the course of a year.

To read more and get your community's application process started click on the buttons below to download the CDF guidelines and application forms.


Round 6 Applications:

Registration of Interest to Apply in Round

25th May 2018

Application Deadline

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Community Development Board Award Meeting

Mid-End of July 2018

Community informed of decision

August 2018





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