Yom Hashoah 2017 at Pinner US
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Thursday 6th April 2017

Sunday 23rd April, 8.00–10.00pm – Holocaust in Eastern Europe                                                                     

Pinner Synagogue’s annual event introduces Leslie Kleinman. Born in Romania in 1929, he is a remarkable Holocaust survivor who tells audiences of his journey ‘from Terror to Tolerance’. Diplomats and distinguished visitors will attend. Readings from the recently deceased author, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Elie Wiesel, also from Romania, will feature.

Leslie grew up in a religious, poor but loving family, his father a Chassidic Rabbi. Leslie was the second oldest of eight children but the only family member to survive the Holocaust. In 1940 his village was annexed by Hungary. In 1944 Leslie's father was pulled out onto the street where his beard was cut off. He was deported immediately to Auschwitz and perished. The family was soon forced into a ghetto from where Leslie, his mother and siblings were themselves put on a transport to Auschwitz. Some Polish prisoners told Leslie to pretend to be 17 at the ‘selection’ so he was sent to the ‘right’ and experienced punishing, barely survivable working conditions. His remaining family, apart from his oldest sister, was sent ‘left’ to the gas chambers. His sister died at liberation.

In January 1945, Auschwitz was liquidated and Leslie was sent on a sequence of death marches. In April he was finally liberated aged 15. A Jewish American soldier found him in a collapsed state in a fox hole and took him to hospital. After 6 months recuperating in a monastery, Leslie was able to come to the UK as one of “The Boys” who later formed the ‘45 Aid Society.

All are welcome. Entrance is free. Doors open at 7.15pm for a prompt 8pm start.

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