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Yet More Kosher Ice creams and Nosh for Summer 2014
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Friday 27th June 2014

Additional ice creams have been certified as kosher in time for the new summer 2014 Kosher Nosh Guide, released today. The guide is being provided free to schools, charities and other Jewish organisations across the UK.

There is a huge variety of nosh including crisps, chocolates, ice creams, soft drinks and more in the Guide. Amongst the hundreds of products approved as kosher are Wall's Viennetta Strawberry and Carte D'Or Rum & Raisin Ice Cream Tub as well as Wall's Bubblegum Calippo.  For those wanting an interesting drink, Rude Health Coconut Drink is KLBD kosher Certified Parev and bears the logo.


Commenting on the launch of this year’s Kosher Nosh Guide, Rabbi Jeremy Conway, Director of KLBD said: “As the summer holidays approach the Kosher Nosh Guide from the KLBD will provide our US members and anyone wanting to keep kosher with lots of useful information. We are delighted to be able to distribute 10s of 1000s of copies to young and old across the country entirely free of charge.”

To view the e-book version of the Kosher Nosh Guide click here