A year of Covid-friendly activities for Ruislip
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 20th January 2021

The past unusual year of Covid 19 has caused everyone world wide to change their normal way of life completely.  It did not take long before Ruislip Community took up the challenge of assisting in many ways to ease the difficulties with which we were all going to have to contend.   

A Ruislip Community WhatsApp Group was set up immediately there was lockdown.  Rabbi Stanley Coten, although very busy with, unfortunately, an even heavier load to carry as Senior Hospital Chaplain, has given us weekly video messages to uplift our spirits.

The Rabbi has also arranged for weekly interesting Shiurs and chats, including Zoom meetings with other Synagogues including two visits to Parramatta & District Synagogue, Sydney, Australia. The second visit was for Chanukah and Ruislip helped to judge a picture competition. Also a Zoom to Toronto for an entertaining evening of song and stories from Rabbi Gedalia Zweig.

Rebbetzin Rosalind Coten organised a very interesting meeting linking Ruislip for a joint event with Norwich and Southport Synagogues for a KLBD Roadshow. This enticed many of the viewers to research and buy the new products.

Ruislip Synagogue has regular Kabbalat Shabbat and Havdalah Services led by Rabbi Coten.

The Synagogue linked with Pinner US, Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue, Kol Chai for a Zoom meeting with Q&A, Speaker -  David Simmonds MP, plus a zoom linked with Northwood US on a Q&A evening regarding Covid Vaccinations, which was very enlightening.

Ruislip has continued to maintain its regular Social Club on zoom and meet every Monday afternoon for “tea and a chat”.  This has now developed into holding brief fun quizzes. 

A film evening was screened in June of The Green Park Hotel, Bournemouth, followed by members memories of the hotel.

The community itself automatically kept in touch with other members of the Synagogue to make sure all was well either by telephone and/or ‘front door’ visits. Delivering meals, nosh and errands  to those at home either unwell or shielding.  The volunteers go much further than Ruislip as volunteers distributing food generally and sorting clothes in large warehouses.  One of our sprightly 90 year old ladies managed a daily early morning sponsored walk to raise funds for Hatzola Edgware Charity Ambulance Service.

For a very small community the contributions from Ruislip members, who volunteered help even further afield, has been extremely large. Covid has not beaten Ruislip Synagogue’s members’ morale and there is a “Silver Lining” to this crisis which has brought the members even closer together.

By Doreen Davis