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Who would you turn to if you were struggling to have a baby?
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Tuesday 1st November 2016

1 in 6 couples experience infertility and couples in the Jewish community are no different.

For those fortunate to have families, it can be hard to understand the pain of those who cannot. Often those who struggle, do so in silence. You may never know who is facing this challenge; it could be someone in your family, a friend, neighbour, colleague or a member of your community.  

Chana is here to support couples emotionally and practically through their journey and provides specialist support backed by an esteemed Medical Panel.  

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis commented:  “In its 22 years, Chana has truly flourished, it combines the very best medical expertise and provision of emotional support with a real understanding of the way that fertility issues affect the Jewish community. The professionals at Chana are known for their great care and sensitivity and they have established themselves as an invaluable resource for couples who might otherwise be left to experience infertility alone.”  

Infertility touches couples in many different ways. Please visit our website  for further information and to read in more depth about the issues raised below within our personal stories. (Names have been changed to protect clients’ privacy.)

If you or anyone you know are struggling with any of the following issues, please call our helpline and you will be supported in strict confidence:

  • You are feeling isolated and alone whilst waiting for a pregnancy. To read about Joanna and Avi click here
  • You have a child but are struggling to add to your family (secondary infertility). To read about Naomi and David click here
  • You have had a miscarriage, or recurrent miscarriages. To read about Rivka and Daniel click here
  • You are preparing for, in the middle off, or waiting for the results of a fertility treatment.
  • You have male fertility concerns. To read about Ronit and Michael click here
  • You need specialist information about fertility preservation after a cancer diagnosis. To read about Joshua click here
  • You are trying to avoid a genetic condition for which you are both carriers. To read about Abby and Daniel click here
  • Your partner, close friend or relative is experiencing infertility and you would like to know how to support them.

The charity relies totally on private donations and are delighted that 638 babies have been born since the charity began.

Helpline: 020 8201 5774         Office: 020 8203 8455