We want your lockdown photos!
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 29th April 2020

Please send us a photograph of you or your family in lockdown! As a response to these challenging times, the musical team at New West End Synagogue have commissioned a stirring and beautiful setting of Psalm 23 (Mizmor L’David) from composer Benjamin Till.

They would like to share it with the world accompanied by photographs of messages from you all. The photos you send might be of your children or grandchildren’s paintings, or upbeat messages of hope, greetings, witticisms or favourite quotes (in any language) written or drawn on paper, or even formed with your hands.

Keep the messages to a few words as they won’t be on screen for very long! We encourage as many of you as possible to appear in the photos with your messages. In a period where many of our members are experiencing grief and loneliness, the knowledge that other people are still out there feels particularly important.

Where possible, these photos should be taken/submitted in LANDSCAPE and not portrait as this makes them easier to display in film form. We really hope as many people as possible will get involved.

Please send your photos by this Sunday (May 10) to Benjamin Till: ben@benjamintill.com

Please note: if you are sending in photos of children, they must be sent in by a parent/guardian with the understanding the image may be used in this project.

Thank you!