Watford's special Purim feast
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Thursday 7th April 2016

Watford Synagogue’s Family Purim Party was a massive success with over 30 children from the community there. Through the evening they had to take part in all four mitzvot of Purim by making hamantashen for the mitzvah of mishta (feast), making greggas for the megillah reading, packaging and swapping mishloach manot and, finally, making tzedaka boxes for the mitzvah of matanat l’evyonim (giving money to the poor). The children took home their tzedaka boxes and when they are full they will bring them into the Shul office where they will receive a prize and the money will be sent off to a charity of their choice. Everyone came in fancy dress of all different sorts and you could feel Purim was on its way.

Rabbi Ephraim Levine (right) and Michael Gordon at Watford's evening megillah reading