Watford Get in the ShabbatUK Spirit
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Friday 31st October 2014

Watford had a very successful Shabbat UK event with a great turnout for a shul of our size and level of observance.  We had 50 to 60 people seated in family groups for Friday night dinner and a further 70 or so for Shabbat day lunch and a Seuda Shlishit with fun activities organised for our youth.  Members Barry and Gill Freed dressed the tables beautifully, which totally transformed the shul.  Guest speaker Charles Golding of TV AM, Sunday Express and LBC fame was persuaded to give us a preview of Saturday’s talk on Friday night so we didn’t miss out!  Wearing one of his trademark bow ties, He talked entertainingly for 20 minutes without notes, sharing gossipy anecdotes and name-dropping like crazy on the single provisio that his juicy stories did not make it out of the shul to You & US!

Rabbi Levine leading the Havdalah service 

Charles, who’s worked in the media for thirty years, has a broad range of senior experience in print, television and radio, new media, public relations and communications. His roles have included editing national and international newspapers, radio and television programming and broadcasting and running a media training and marketing consultancy.