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Warburtons become KLBD Kosher Certified
Date Uploaded: 
Tuesday 11th July 2017

KLBD and Warburtons are pleased to announce that a wide range of 30 Warburtons’ products are now KLBD certified - pas palter.  

The products include Warburtons Toastie 800g, which is the UK’s Number One loaf* and Warburtons Crumpets, a speciality of the manufacturer’s and the UK’s Number One Crumpet brand. The new range will increase the choice for the consumer and significantly expand the range of kosher food readily available across the UK.

The first Warburtons products with the KLBD logo are now on the market, with the other ranges following over the coming weeks. Initially the KLBD logo will only be on selected packs in selected regions. Warburtons are the UK’s Number One bakery brand* and the second biggest Grocery brand in the UK. They are the latest household name to become KLBD certified following the likes of Mars and Marmite and another major step towards KLBD’s goal to make Kosher as easy and affordable as possible.

Please see the Warburtons or KLBD website for a full list of certified products.

Commenting on the announcement, Rabbi Jeremy Conway Director of KLBD said: “KLBD’s priority is to give kosher consumers the widest possible choice of foods. We are therefore delighted that Warburtons have chosen to partner with KLBD and take up Kosher certification. The breadth of the range will be a great help to kosher consumers, particularly to people living in outlying communities as well as Jewish students, holidaymakers and all those away from home. We look forward to a long and successful relationship between the KLBD and Warburtons”.

The following list includes all the Warburtons products that are KLBD Certified:


1.            Warburtons 12 White Sliced Rolls

2.            Warburtons 4 Large White Barm Cakes

3.            Warburtons 4 White Sliced Rolls

4.            Warburtons 4 Wholemeal Batch Rolls

5.            Warburtons 6 Brown Sandwich Thins

6.            Warburtons 6 Half & Half Sandwich Thins

7.            Warburtons 6 pack Crumpets

8.            Warburtons 6 Sliced Wholemeal Rolls

9.            Warburtons 6 White Sandwich Thins

10.          Warburtons 6 Sliced White Rolls

11.          Warburtons 8 Sliced Half & Half Rolls

12.          Warburtons 8 pack Crumpets

13.          Warburtons 8 Sliced Wholemeal Rolls

14.          Warburtons 8 Sliced White Rolls

15.          Warburtons 9 Brown Sandwich Thins

16.          Warburtons 9 pack Crumpets

17.          Warburtons 9 White Sandwich Thins

18.          Warburtons 4 Brown Toastie Pockets

19.          Warburtons 2 pack Giant Crumpets

20.          Warburtons Half & Half Medium Sliced (800g)

21.          Warburtons Half & Half Toastie Thick Sliced (800g)

22.          Warburtons Half Loaf Toastie Thick Sliced White (390g)

23.          Warburtons Half Loaf Medium Sliced White (390g)

24.          Warburtons Medium Sliced White (800g)

25.          Warburtons Seeded Batch (400g)

26.          Warburtons Seeded Batch (800g)

27.          Warburtons Our Thickest Sliced White (800g)

28.          Warburtons Toastie Thick Sliced White (800g)

29.          Warburtons White Farmhouse (800g)

30.          Warburtons 4 White Toastie Pockets

31.          Warburtons Wholemeal Medium (400g)

32.          Warburtons Wholemeal Medium Sliced (800g)