A Very Happy Purim in Muswell Hill
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 31st March 2016

We had another vibrant Purim in Muswell Hill this year. On Purim night we had yet again three Megillah readings which drew in over 200 adults and children!  Our ‘quiet’ reading allowed people to have a relaxed reading together in the main Shul while the family reading in our Tribe Zone was packed with dressed-up adults and children all listening with enthusiasm to Rabbi David’s reading, with the help of children holding the Megillah.  Muswell Hill women this year held their seventh Megillah reading in five Purims which was as successful as ever in drawing in women to the Purim celebrations. 

All who came then gathered in the Rose and Harry Epstein Hall to be entertained by Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler who put on a tremendous show of magic and humour to a packed Hall.  Rabbi David has always wanted Purim to be celebrated by as many and if not more people than come on a Shabbat, and with over 200 people in attendance, we achieved that in Muswell Hill. 

Purim Day was quieter in Muswell Hill, although Rabbi David read the Megillah three times.  Once in our early morning minyan, once at Lady Sarah Cohen Home for a number of the residents including our very own Rita Pitt and a third time when the Megillah was read at the home of one of our members whose wife if presently in hospital.

We raised money for matanot l’evyonim throughout and collected about £650 which was given out to those in need on the day of Purim itself. 

So, another great Purim in Muswell Hill – a vibrant and growing community!