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US Launches its 10th Eruv!
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Wednesday 7th March 2018

Almost 15 years to the week since the US launched the first UK eruv in North West London, we launch our 10th!

The new Pinner Eruv went live this Shabbat/went live last Shabbat after many years of incredible hard work by Ian Abrahams and his team at the Pinner Eruv committee.
This is the tenth eruv to be established in London under US auspices following the launch of the North-West London almost 15 years ago and more recently by eruvim in Mill Hill, Woodside Park, Chigwell and Bushey. 

A hearty Yeyasher Kochachem, congratulations and thanks are due to everyone who has worked so hard and all those who have supported this complex project, especially Ian and his committee, Dayan Simons, Rabbi Edwards & the LBD Eruv team.
Full details of the boundaries and the Dos & Donts of Shabbat in an eruv are available here

Please remember to check the status of the eruv before Shabbat.
This will transform the Shabbat experience for many people in Pinner. We wish the community great success in this new chapter – may you continue to go from strength to strength.