US In Israel

US in Israel
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Friday 10th January 2014

Welcome to Israel

As a Zionist organisation, the US has a strong link with Israel. Both the organisation and its members have need of a helpful presence in Israel.

Here are just some of the services on offer from the new US Israel Desk:

  • Helping with Shul trips to Israel
  • Helping US members plan weddings and other simchas in Israel
  • Offering services/events for US members now living in Israel
  • Rabbinic recruitment
  • Support for Tribe Israel’s trips, tours, programmes, Leadership training…

The US Israel Desk is open 9am – 5pm Israel time from Monday to Thursday and it located in Hechal Shlomo on King George Stret, Jerusalem. We are here to help you with whatever you need in Israel. Call us on 020 8343 5697 or email: