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US Futures: Helping the Next Generation
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Monday 18th November 2013

We would like to introduce you to US Futures. Its aim is to give financial support to some vital initiatives that have a profound effect on young people right across the United Synagogue family.

Our goal is to ensure that no child or young adult is left behind and that they are all made to feel a part of their community. This committee raises money to ensure our youth are involved and supported. For instance, it raises money for bursaries for Tribe programmes, campus packs and Young US events. By supporting the vital bursaries awarded by the Chesed Bursary Fund and the work of Tribe and Young US we can make a huge difference. Here’s how:

US Futures: Supporting the Chesed Bursary Fund

From its inception the US Chesed Bursary Fund has had tremendous support from the community and is now entering the next stage of its development. With the core aim of ensuring no child is left behind due to financial constraints, the Chesed Bursary Fund awards bursaries to enable children to take part in Tribe's programmes including Summer Camps and Israel tour and the Learn2Lead trips in Europe and Israel. All our Jewish youth should have the chance to connect with our rich cultural heritage and there is no better place than in a 'full-immersion experience'. Making this connection creates and cements bonds that really help the long-term health of our community.

US Futures: Supporting Tribe and Young US

There is a worrying disconnect growing in the London Jewish community amongst our youth. Whilst some are embedded and thriving, too many are not. For many their only engagement in community life, if any, is at most on the first day of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur for the sake of their parents. We must not stand by and allow this to happen. We need to act and improve the situation. We entirely understand, that there are so many demands on young people’s time, with both pressures and distractions that frequently mean they lose touch with their community after University or when beginning working life.

Building on its work with Tribe, The United Synagogue has responded with the creation of Young US, a project led by a group of young adults who are looking at creative ways of building a vibrant young community that speaks to and speaks for them. They are brimming with great ideas and boundless energy and have already hosted a number of successful events where young people can connect. Young US is a project that simply makes good sense to support as we all reap the benefits of its success.

We need your support

We’re committed to ensuring that no child is excluded because of financial constraints and that all of our youth and young adults have a rich variety of activities and events to engage with. If you would like to share your ideas, please e-mail

If you want to make a donation, please click on the donate image on the right hand side. Thank you. 

These projects are entirely reliant on individual donations and any donation however small will make a meaningful difference to someone’s life.