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US Development's Business Breakfast with Jason Pearlman
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Thursday 22nd June 2017

On Tuesday 13th June, The US Development team held its latest Business Breakfast.

Hosted by the breakfast’s sponsors Bank Leumi, participants heard from Jason Pearlman, consultant Media Advisor to Reuven Rivlin, the President of Israel. Over coffee and bagels the former UK resident shared insights into the challenge for Israeli society in building meaningful connections within its diverse cultures – known as the shared hope for Israel. He explained this by sharing how the Israeli education system is in fact four different systems to cater for the 4 ‘tribes’ of Israel – the strictly orthodox, modern orthodox, secular and arab and the programmes and activities that allow these Tribe to get to know and understand each other. He stated that just as Israel has been a beacon in the world of science and technology so to it has much to offer the world in creating an integrated society made up of people with a wide spectrum of beliefs and lifestyle.

Following the presentation there was a questions and answer session where questions included an update on the situation in Gaza and the role of Qatar, what the impact of terrorist incidents in Europe have had on the perception of Israel and the role of  diaspora Jews have regarding Israel. Jason commented that in addition to the 4 ‘Tribes’ within Israel, the Diaspora are known as the 5th ‘Tribe’ although UK Jewry are often overlooked due to our relatively small size compared with the N. America community.

US Director of Development, Alan Aziz, said: "It was a very interesting presentation this morning from Jason and our hosts Bank Leumi made us most welcome."