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US Community Cares Volunteers get VIP Training
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Friday 27th May 2016

On Sunday US Chesed held their first ever ‘Care for US’ conference for both current and new volunteers. This highly engaging event, which included a keynote address from the Mayor of Barnet, provided a huge range of speakers and training workshops to increase US volunteers’ skills and knowledge. The aim of the day was for US Chesed volunteers to gain an awareness of key issues and learn how they can effectively support members of their communities.

There were many excellent and informative sessions by experts throughout the day covering a range of issues including mental health, bereavement, supporting people with cancer and the impact of a family breakdown. There were also intensive introductory sessions for new volunteers.

One attendee, Joel Kandler a member of Hendon US, said: “I really enjoyed the day. There were many excellent presentations about issues that really do affect our community and it’s wonderful that US Chesed is actively trying to help and support those who need it.”

After a welcome from the Head of US Chesed, Michelle Minsky, US Chief Executive, Steven Wilson spoke about “ageing well” and the US’ safeguarding policy before the keynote speaker the Mayor of Barnet, Mark Shooter addressed the audience.

Left to right: US Chief Executive Steven Wilson, Mayor of Barnet Mark Shooter, Head of US Chesed Michelle Minsky and US President Stephen Pack

Speaking later in the day, US President, Stephen Pack, said: “This conference has been all about helping our amazing volunteers increase their skills and knowledge so they can best help our members when times get tough. The work they do is absolutely key to the caring at the centre of our communities. I’d like to thank US Chesed for organising a fantastic day and every one of the participants for taking the time out of their busy lives to spend it with us”.

Head of US Chesed, Michelle Minsky, added: “I’m thrilled that our first ever conference has been a resounding success. Volunteers are the life-blood of US Chesed and we are constantly looking for ways to make sure that they have much support, guidance and resources from us as possible. Our projects wouldn’t happen without them so I’d like to thank them for their continued dedication to the members of our community”.

In the run-up to National Volunteer Week, US Chesed are looking for more volunteers to join their hard-working and dedicated group of volunteers. If you would like to know more please email  

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