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US in The City Gets Torah Learning Done!
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Friday 20th December 2019

US in The City ramped up its educational output in the final months of 2019 with two high-powered talks by Rabbi Jonny Hughes at the offices of Ernst and Young in Canary Wharf and at the Bank of England's historic Threadneedle Street site on Election Day.

The two events were attended by over thirty people as Rabbi Hughes talked about 'Can You be Good Without G-d?' and 'From Reading FC to Rabbi: My Story' where Rabbi Hughes shared his personal journey into Judaism.

One attendee at the Bank of England, Paul Weitzkorn, commented, "I recently attended one of Rabbi Hughes inspirational talks at the Bank of England, where he recalled his life story and how it can relate to each one of us certainly makes me (and it felt like others in the room) aspire to self improvement both from a religious and moral perspective."

US in The City provides educational, lunch and learn-style talks at work places across the West End, The City of London and Canary Wharf.

Watch this space for the new Spring/Summer series!