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US Chesed's Induction Training Programme for New Volunteers - Tuesdays 13th and 20th September 2016 from 7:45 – 10.00 pm at Mill Hill Synagogue
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Thursday 4th August 2016

Would to you like to be a  volunteer for your local Community Cares group? Our synagogue Community Cares groups look after the welfare of our members and aim to ensure that all our members feel that they are part of a community who cares about them. 

Each community care group decides which services they can offer locally, but examples of the type of support they provide includes befriending, driving members to appointments, regular calls, a helpline, walking people to Shul, supporting the bereaved, hospital visits, Shabbat/Yom Tov hospitality, cooking for people in times of need amongst others. The US has hundreds of volunteers making a different to our member’s lives, but we always need more and now you too can be a volunteer. 

The next induction for new USCC volunteers in on Tuesdays 13th and 20th September 2016 from 7:45 – 10.00 pm at Mill Hill Synagogue. This basic training is for all new volunteers and explores the role, responsibilities and purpose of the work of volunteers. It provides an understanding of issues such as confidentiality, validation & empathy as well as communication & listening skills. The volunteer will also have many opportunities to role play and the training leaves the volunteer with the skills and confidence to deal with the wide range of situations they may encounter. These are skills that can also be put into practice in all our interpersonal relationships.   

Watch this short video about why people volunteer for US Chesed


If you would like further information as to what opportunities are needed in your local community and are interested in attending the training, please contact the US Chesed office at 0208 343 6238 or at