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US Chesed Volunteers learn about addiction, unemployment and Jewish refugees
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Thursday 5th November 2015

Over 40 volunteers and co-ordinators from across the United Synagogue family of communities  attended the US Chesed Service Awareness Evening  last month. The purpose of the Service Awareness Evening is to help build our volunteers knowledge about different organisations that could be useful to their members.

This year, the three groups focused on were: Norwood Drugsline, Resource and Association of Jewish Refugees. Chavi Sufrin from Norwood Drugsline spoke about the support services that they provide for a range of addictions including alcohol, drug abuse, gambling and internet/computer. Gillian Gurner from Resource spoke about how they help Jewish adults back into employment and Carol Hart from the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) spoke about how they provide social, welfare and care services to Jewish victims of Nazi oppression living in Great Britain.

Michelle Minsky, Head of US Chesed commented: “Our hope is that the USCC co-ordinators and volunteers will bring back the information that they learned from these sessions to members of their US communities who need these services. The Service Awareness Evening is also an invaluable opportunity for co-ordinators from different US synagogues to network and talk with each other.”

Suzy Zack, a USCC volunteer from Mill Hill United Synagogue said, “Just to say how impressive last night's talks by the three leaders of the respective groups were. Thank you so much. ”

If you are interested in becoming a USCC volunteer please get in touch with your local synagogue or US Chesed on 020 8343 5688.