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US Chesed Train New Volunteers
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 5th February 2015

US Chesed held two training events in January – one was our trademark Volunteer Induction Training (18th & 25th January) in which we welcome new volunteers and give them some basic training, covering the skills needed in chesed work and informing them how their role fits into US Chesed.  Topics include exploring the difference between giving information and advice, confidentiality, validation, empathy, boundaries, respect and listening skills. 

Quotes from participants: ‘very interesting, very useful’ ‘the examples and role plays helped me to feel more confident when dealing with difficult situations’ ‘the session helped to clarify what is the right thing to say and how to react in various situations….it opened my eyes to a number of ways in which I can help’ 

We also had a visit to the Martin B Cohen JAMI centre on 12th January; volunteers were able to find out more about what is on offer there, the support they can give and how to refer people if needed. The centre offers everything from gardening to meditation, education to outings. 

Quote from Sharon Daniels, US Chesed Training Consultant: ‘It was helpful for volunteers with USCC to learn about the support available for members with mental health needs through JAMI, and to see how the centre works.  The visit underlined that it is vital for local community groups and Jewish social care agencies to work in partnership to ensure the best possible outcomes for individual community members.’