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US Chesed Purim Mishloach Manot Project
Date Uploaded: 
Friday 2nd February 2018

We are really delighted that many of our shuls have already decided to participate in our Purim Mishloach  Manot project. If you haven't come forward so far, there's still a few more days to get involved, so do please get in touch with US Chesed. 

The project has 3 phases to it:

•             collecting (or buying) items of food

•             Packing Mishlaoch Manot boxes that will be supplied from US Chesed - see the picture above ( most shuls will do this either on the 18th or the 25th February to allow time for the boxes to be delivered afterwards)

•             Giving them to members of your own community, or to people supported by one of the charities that we have partnered with (it's nicest if you deliver them yourselves, but if you cannot do so, we will pick them up and deliver them for you, if you select one of the charities) 

We  will support you throughout the project! 

             We will help you with ideas as to what to put in your box

             we will donate as many boxes as you require and deliver them to you

             we will even deliver a hamentash for each box

             We will sponsor up to 50% of the costs of the food , up to a maximum of £100 for food items,  provided you send us the receipts.(we envisage each mishloach manot box should not cost more than £2.50) 

For more information, please either telephone Yael Peleg on 020 8343 5661 or e-mail her at