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US Chesed aim to change lives
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Friday 18th May 2018

On Sunday US Chesed hosted more than 90 people at their ‘Life Changing’ conference.  The programme offered a wide range of topics, highlighting both issues that can affect our members such as loneliness, poor mental health, being a hospital patient, domestic abuse, children and young people with special educational needs and addiction as well as a broader focus on social responsibility with opportunities to volunteer in projects such as our monthly asylum-seeker drop-in centre, cooking in our shul kitchens for people who are homeless or learning how to set up a local food bank.

The workshops were provided by a range of expert speakers, community Rabbis and members of our own communities who have set up innovative projects such as the Sage social and educational project in Bushey – ‘because it’s never too late to learn’, the interfaith blood donor bank in Golders Green and how to make our synagogues in eco-friendly from speakers from Highgate and Muswell Hill.

Rabbi Lawrence with his address

Rabbi Lawrence set the tone for the morning with his thoughtful, but humorous words on the gaps between perception and reality, inspiring the audience either to start volunteering or to increase their commitment.

Head of US Chesed, Michelle Minsky, added: “US Chesed is constantly looking for ways to make sure that our amazing volunteers have as much information, support, guidance and resources from us as possible. Our projects wouldn’t happen without them so I’d like to thank them for their continued dedication both to the members of our own synagogues  and to the wider community.”

One of the sessions

President of The US, Michael Goldstein, said: “Chesed (loving-kindness) is one of the pillars of Judaism. Our community is indebted to the US Chesed team for the wonderful projects that they undertake such as assisting hundreds of families afford to make Pesach, helping asylum seekers and cooking food for the homeless, amongst many others. This conference will ensure that similar initiatives can take place over the coming year, helping even more people in the process.”