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US Chesed aid hundreds of families through Pesach Parcel Project
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Thursday 22nd March 2018

US Chesed’s annual Pesach Parcel initiative helped close to 600 families that struggle with the costs of Pesach have an enjoyable festival. The project, funded by US Chesed’s Pesach Appeal and participated in by 45 US Communities, ensures these families receive either vouchers or parcels with items such as matzah, cheese, jam, chocolate, cold meat, tea, coffee and grape juice

As well as families, help is also given to several charities and individuals who wish to attend their shul communal sedarim but cannot afford the costs.

Most of the recipients are visited which gives them financial support as well having someone to speak to as well. All of this is done by the amazing US Chesed volunteers.

Head of US Chesed, Michelle Minsky, said: ““We are delighted that once again the Chesed Appeal is able to assist almost 600 US families over Pesach. US Chesed aims to provide sensitive and discreet help to those in our communities who are struggling financially, especially at this time, and it is thanks to our generous donors that we are able to do so. We therefore take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported this project, both financially and by volunteering their time”.

Whilst volunteers usually cares for their local area, one group of volunteers deliver food parcels to members of Hackney and Finsbury Park, where they do not have local volunteers to carry out this role. Organised by David Landau, a member of Mill Hill Synagogue, some of this group have been doing these visits, often with their children, for over 20 years and both they and the recipients look forward to their annual visits and chats.