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US’ Project Chesed helps African school children
Date Uploaded: 
Friday 18th November 2016

Due to an incredible response, United Synagogue’s Project Chesed together with the charity School Aid have extended the deadline for their collection of stationery and reading books for African school children. The collections which started in September will now continue until the end of November. This will give communities that have not yet participated the opportunity to take part in the additional collections which will coincide with Mitzvah Day. 

The initiative began at the start of the new school year, with Project Chesed encouraging US members and schools to put an extra item in their bag when they were shopping for their own children’s school supplies. This initiative highlighted the importance of such a simple act which means a pupil in Africa will be able to have the school materials to allow them to engage with their school work more effectively.

All of the books and stationery that are collected by US Communities and schools will be delivered via School Aid whose volunteers collect, sort and pack the boxes for each school before they ship them to Africa. Visitors to School Aid’s website will be able to track exactly where the goods that they have collected have been sent to.

Michelle Minsky, Head of US Chesed, said, “As a community, we are often accused of being inward facing and so I’m delighted that we have already had such an amazing response of goods being donated.  It’s such an overwhelming thought that buying a pencil or a book for a child in Africa can have a real impact on their future. We would like to thank all of donors from our communities and schools that organised the collections as well as School Aid for partnering with us and helping us link to schools in Africa. We look forward to the additional collections which will take part on Mitzvah Day.”