The United Synagogue launches Coronavirus helpline
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Tuesday 17th March 2020

The United Synagogue has launched a Coronavirus helpline for its members which aims to be a central port of call for people who need extra help whether practical, spiritual or emotional.

The helpline will assist people in finding support for shopping, cooking etc. It will also provide emotional support to any callers who are feeling anxious during this time and need someone to talk to.

Many members will have religious queries, such as how to say Kaddish if they are unable to attend Shul. The helpline is able to provide Rabbinic advice and religious guidance to those who are seeking it.

Though the helpline is unable to offer medical, legal or financial assistance, the community volunteers and United Synagogue staff running the helpline will point callers in the right direction.

Locally, many United Synagogue communities have already put measures in place to help their members. The United Synagogue is working alongside its team of Community Care Coordinators and has joined forces with volunteers from GIFT to support any members who require assistance.

Steven Wilson, Chief Executive of the United Synagogue, said: “We are living through a time of uncertainty, fear and confusion but as a community we are there for each other. To complement and support the tremendous work of our local shul volunteers, today we have set up a dedicated Coronavirus helpline for all those seeking support, advice or if you are simply struggling to cope. Our helpful team are standing by to take your call.”

The number for the helpline is 020 8343 5696, which is available from Monday to Thursday 9am–5pm and Friday 9am–1pm. Help is also available by email, at