A Trip Down Memory Lane at Barnet Shul
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 25th February 2021

Barnet community - the best kept secret…

Some 100 members joined together on Zoom, including our nonagenarians, last week for a rollercoaster trip down memory lane.

Participants from New York to Israel joined with generations of stalwart Barnet families and many more, some flown the nest, but all still connected and getting a warm Barnet welcome from our loving community – one of the best kept secrets in the Jewish World. 

Stories and memories, some long forgotten, were shared and brought back to life.

There were tales from the first Barmitzvah boy, the building of the Shul in 64’, kids clubs, choirs and from the only wedding to take place in the car park, in the summer of “79, by the Rabbis son at the time.

Past Rabbis, Gabbais and Ladies Guilders, joined for an emotional evening reminding us of the community spirit.

This was an opportunity to reflect not only on the good old times but also on some of the more difficult ones, and a reminder of the many more happy memories that the community can and are creating together, even in these challenging times. 

If you have any memories and photos of Barnet community please do share them with us at mmarson@theus.org.uk