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Tasting Times throughout the Jewish Community
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Thursday 13th March 2014

KLBD are constantly searching for new retail food and drink products to certify as kosher. 

Through the knowledge that we gain from exhibitions we attend, our very active Facebook group, help desk and those companies that come directly to us, there is always a selection of foods we aim to certify. But it isn’t that simple. Although this is a service that KLBD do for the Jewish community, companies need to know that certification will add to sales. 

To help them pursue this, other than bringing in new products, my role is to help companies “get out there”. In doing so, as part of a team, I help them get their products into Jewish food shops, the kosher section of general supermarkets, and most importantly, letting the community know that these products are now available as kosher. This involves meeting with these companies and giving them a list of potential kosher food distributors who they can work with.  We put all the new products up on our Facebook group, on Twitter and on the KLBD App.  They are also offered the opportunity to write an article for our website.  Another service we provide is tasting sessions once or twice a month at different Jewish events. 

The most recent tasting session we did was for Kenton Synagogues’s Women’s Guild.  After the AGM they had Dr Miriam Frank speaking followed by a lunch.  I was invited to attend with the guests coming to taste and see what I had to offer, before, during and after their lunch.  Nearly everyone took the time to come over, there was considerable interest in the new sweet potatoe Kettle crisps, the Nak’d nibbles, the BFree bread and all the other products too.  Some of the guests took home samples of the Xpress Chai teas and some even drank them there after their lunch. 

For the tasting session, the companies provided me with a selection of their products. The session included Rude Health milks & thins, Nak’d nibbles, Brokers Gin, Rajah Indian products, Island Cruisine sauces, BFree gluten free breads, Sweet Mandarin sauces, Barkat gluten free matza crackers, Kettle Sweet Potato crisps, Xpress Chai teas, Coyo desserts, Flahavan’s oats, Naturya supplements and Lucy Bee coconut butter. 

People always seem excited to see and taste these new products, and often ask me where they can be purchased and sometimes even their nutritional values. People even take photos so they will recognise them the next time they are out.  Those on gluten free or lactose free diets are thrilled to see so many new products without gluten or diary.  Where possible I also give out samples for people to take home. 

If you are organising an event within the community where our tasting session would be welcomed, please feel free to email me. 

Sharon Feldman-Vazan