Tah Sh'ma returns to Hendon US
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 18th October 2018

The popular lecture series Tah Sh’ma is restarting next week at Hendon United Synagogue.

Here is a list of speakers and dates. For more get in touch with Hendon US:-
      Rabbi Dr. Julian Shindler     17th October, topic is "Genetically   modified food: ethics and halacha".
      Rabbi Binstock                   24th October
      Rabbi Ginsbury                  31st October
      Rabbi  Dr. Harvey Belovski   7th November
      Rabbi Ginsbury                   14th November
      Rabbi Binstock                    21st November
      Rabbi Meir Shindler             28th November
      Rabbi Binstock                     5th December
      Rabbi Ginsbury                   12th December
      Dayan Simons                      19th December