Stained Glass Windows at Luton US
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 26th September 2019

Luton United Synagogue has made the final installation of two large stained glass windows that had been in its Bury Park Road Synagogue.  The old synagogue had been the home of the Luton Hebrew Congregation from 1949 to 2001 and had many beautiful stained glass windows.  They were placed in storage whilst the community sought premises for a new synagogue.

The current synagogue was bought in 2009 and many of the stained glass windows were installed over external plain glass panes, but there was not sufficient space to accommodate two large stained glass windows.  The final part of the refurbishment of the new synagogue was the provision of frames on an internal wall of the prayer hall to hold these last windows.  The stained glass had to be restored before fitting into the frames and LED lighting had to be installed to back light the windows.  There was a truly communal effort with much of the work being undertaken by members of the community.  What could not be done by volunteers was completed by contractors.  The cost of restoration and installation was over three thousand pounds, but this cost was met by a fundraising programme, which included a sponsored swim and many very generous donations. 

On Friday 16th August the contracts installed the restored windows.  The stained glass windows make a fitting feature to the synagogue that is a memorial to the past synagogue, beautifies the building, and strengthens the sense of achievement and capability of the Luton United Synagogue.