St Albans and Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogues go to Berlin
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 24th July 2019

Nearly 30 members from St Albans United Synagogue and Hampstead Garden Suburb United Synagogue have just returned from Berlin, Germany on an educational trip. Rabbi Daniel Sturgess (St Albans) and Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag (HGSS) accompanied the members, alongside renowned guide and educator Rabbi Aubrey Hersh, who taught about the history in the city.

The group started their visit at the Berlin Wall and at the Bundestag (Parliament) where they learnt about German history. They visited the Berlin Jewish Museum and Holocaust memorial, where they discussed life under Nazism. The day ended with a viewing of Hitler’s World War Two bunker. The group saw the Bavarian quarter and the Wannsee Villa (of the infamous Wannsee conference). Over lunch, they heard from a member of the local community and took the opportunity to ask about being Jewish in Germany today. The trip finished with a visit to the Old Jewish quarter followed by seeing Brandenburg gate and other historical landmarks.

Participants Ian and Miriam Platzky said about the trip: "It was an absolutely fantastic experience. Impeccably organised, educational and inspirational. We want to say a special thanks to all 3 Rabbanim."

Helena Wolfson, another participant said: "Thank you everyone for a wonderful trip and especially to Rabbi Hersh for an amazing, informative, educational and brilliantly organised tour."