South Hampstead US to undertake multi-million pound rebuilding project
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Thursday 26th January 2017

This week South Hampstead US, a prominent United Synagogue community, has announced the start of a £17.6 million redevelopment project. The rebuild will see the birth of a brand new multi-use community building, fit for the 21st century, catering for the needs of the membership and the local Jewish community.

The project, undertaken with the support of The US, will take two years to complete and will ensure that South Hampstead US has a state-of-the-art building which will provide a modern synagogue, a multi-purpose community hall and significant amounts of flexible social and educational space with particular emphasis on children and youth activities. 

It is hoped that the new building will facilitate a redefinition of the traditional thinking behind the words "synagogue" and "community" within the modern orthodox community. 

The project is being funded by the local community through the efforts of their fundraising group and a major donor, with the majority of the money already raised. Alternative arrangements for the community’s services have been made until their new home is ready.

Speaking about the project, South Hampstead US Chair David Turner, said: “Through this project we aim to create a centre for our unique local community which provides for 21st century facilities and an inclusive and inspirational building for all ages, religious outlooks and abilities. It is the biggest project that The US has ever taken on and represents a ground-breaking opportunity to redefine a modern orthodox community. The United Synagogue have been extremely supportive of our project and we are hugely grateful to the Trustees of The US and their team, for all the help during this highly complex period.”

United Synagogue President, Stephen Pack, added: “This is a really exciting project which will revolutionise the facilities that are available to the South Hampstead US community and could also change the way our other communities use and think about their own buildings. We wish South Hampstead every success with this initiative and will support them in any way we can during the construction period and beyond.”