So what is going on in Sheffield?
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Tuesday 6th March 2018

For those of you who have a large number of young people in your communities, you will probably not understand how a community numbering approximately 150 members, 95% over the age of 60, can function? You probably think we are like a large home for the aged. But do not be fooled. There is a great deal of life beyond 60 and here are a few of the activities which have taken place in Sheffield since the beginning of 2018 and some which are in their planning stages. 

We started our year with our annual civic service on January 28th – Hospital Sunday – the 127th year that this has taken place. All the local dignitaries attend including the Lord Mayor, the Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire, the Chief Constable, the Master Cutler, the Anglican and Catholic Bishops  and other VIPs. We were also honoured by the presence of the new United Synagogue President, Mr.Michael Goldstien who made a special journey from London to be with us. The collection for the Hospital Sunday Charity raised £2,300. 

Our next event was organised by Zippy Chomer for women only on Sunday morning February 4th. Rabbi Golomb explained to an audience of over twenty women how the Torah Scrolls were made, the role of the sofer and the need for complete perfection in its production. We were then allowed to lift, read from and touch a scroll. It was quite a remarkable experience 

During the winter we have Cholent Shabbosim when the Shabbat service is followed by a Cholent(vegetarian) Kiddush. Our last one of the season was held on Shabbat, February 17th

Other regular activities include a monthly knitting group, a monthly Bridge evening, our fortnightly Friendship club lunches which attract more than thirty members, and our weekly Thursday morning breakfasts to encourage a regular morning minyan and which acts as a weekly meeting place for members. We are fortunate that Shimon and Jack from Glatt Kosher butchers in Manchester brings a selection of kosher meAt and challahs every Thursday morning. 

We are looking forward to celebrating Israel’s seventieth birthday and we are organising a number of events to raise money for our MDA first response motorcycle project. Quite frankly, in terms of participation at events(average 30% of the community) , if we were London based we would have to hire Wembley Stadium to accommodate everyone!!! 

PS I forgot to mention our Rabbi’s weekly Monday night chumash shiur, his  regular fortnightly Tales of the Talmud sessions and our adult education monthly group run by our Rabbi exploring the issues outlined in the education pack ‘Whose Land?’