Sheffield's scholar-in-residence
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Tuesday 5th February 2019

This shabbat - Mevarchim Mishpatim - the United Synagogue Sheffield hosted its most recent Scholar in Residence, Doreen Samuels. The community were honoured to have such a learned and erudite speaker join them for Shabbat. After a beautiful Friday-night service, there was a kiddush and a short shiur. After which, the President of the shul, Dr Frada Wilenski (whose hospitality knows no bounds), hosted an intimate yet hearty four course Friday night dinner for Doreen and the honorary officers. On Shabbat morning, twenty women braved the freezing and icy streets of Sheffield and attended Doreen's Shabbat shiur on this weeks Parasha and the theme of slavery. One woman said, 'it was so engaging' and another, 'very stimulating'. As if she hadn't done enough, Doreen stood up at the end of the Mussaf service and delivered a though-provoking and poignant dvar Torah on 'Shemot', referencing the funeral of the Holocaust kedoshim that took place just a week or so ago - those people no longer had names, but were no less human, and in no less need of our own humanity and compassion - than anyone else. Doreen was given a warm welcome (and room) to stay in by Suzy and Edwin Chomer, and was treated to a delicious Shabbat lunch with Rabbi and Mrs Golomb along with their lovely family. Doreen, a self-confessed and proud 'small-town gal', who has now been inundated with requests to return to Sheffield, says: "Rarely have I been made to feel so welcome and so at home in a community. I had an opportunity to speak to many people, due to the fabulous hospitality, and all showed me what a warm, caring community Sheffield is. Young and old alike spoke of their eagerness to welcome newcomers to live here."

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by Suzy Chomer