Sheffield United Synagogue host Friday night dinner for community
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Thursday 27th February 2020

Sheffield United Synagogue recently held a communal Friday night dinner which saw 60 attendees – almost 40% of the community.

Participants lit candles, attended the service and made Kiddush before sitting down to a four course meal. The shul’s Rebbetzin, Faige Rochel Golomb made challot for everyone, and her famous chicken soup was enjoyed by all. Rabbi Golomb delivered Divrei Torah, and the whole evening was enjoyed by everyone, including four children.   

Frada Wilenski, chair of the shul, said, “The value of these communal events cannot be stressed too highly as an important means of keeping a small community enthused, and the advantages far outweigh the time and effort which has to be devoted to making a good idea become an even better reality.”

By Frada Wilenski