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ShabbatUK at Northwood US
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Wednesday 28th October 2015

Wow! what a ShabbatUK! Northwood shul certainly knows how to put on a Shabbaton. It was amazing to see so many people in shul.

There were 100 people on Friday night who enjoyed a beautiful meal, great singing, words of Torah and even some jokes (from Rabbi Shisler). Even better, there were over 130 who joined us on Shabbat morning for the service followed by a huge Kiddush - Rabbi Finn now understands why it is called 'the famous Northwood Kiddush'!

Finally a brave bunch ignored the rain to return for even more food and a excellent D'var Torah by Stanley Bleehen followed by a sing-a-long Havdallah.

It was a great ShabbatUK and would like to express my gratitude to all those who put the effort and time into planning the whole weekend.