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Thursday 29th October 2015

ShabbatUK at Muswell Hill started off on the Thursday night by bringing a load of dough back from the Challah Make and spending the evening plaiting and baking challot for Enfield homeless and Barnet homeless who collected 100 loaves Friday morning. Barnet were actually going to take their loaves over to the refugees in Calais! The balance of the loaves were sold to the parents at the Toddler Group on Friday morning and the money raised will buy two bikes for children in Cambodia to get to school.

On Friday night members of the community hosted people for dinner in our homes to a range of people including a 103 year old lady!

The whole of Shabbat was based around the week's sedra, Lech Lecha. Rabbi Michael Pollack talked about the journeys to Sephardi and Ashkenazi identities and after kiddush and lunch the Hornsey Historical Society led a walk of Jewish interest in Muswell Hill. Those that didn’t want to go on the walk were entertained in shul with tea, coffee, cakes and board games.

At seudah shlishit, three shul members talked about a journey they had made – whether physical or spiritual. Havdallah was led by a home grown Muswell Hill klezmer band, Boaz & the Nachmanites who provided musical entertainment whilst the community danced the night away.


“ShabbatUK at Muswell Hill was really good - well done and thank you”

“Quite possible the best Shabbat I’ve spent in Muswell Hill!”