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ShabbatUK at Highgate
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Thursday 29th October 2015

Highgate had a wonderful ShabbatUK. It was also the last Shabbat in their current building before it is rebuilt.

A beautiful Friday Evening Service set the tone and was followed by a farewell kiddush for David Lammas, their long standing doorman on his last Shabbat. There was a truly communal feel to the evening as members of the synagogue welcomed guests to their homes for Friday night dinner. 

ShabbatUK morning service was followed by an amazing shwarma and cholent kiddush lunch with host and guest speaker Geoff Springer. Geoff spoke about what the synagogue building means to him and his family and how he is to recreate the Highgate feel in the new building.

After the Mincha service in the afternoon there was a farewell Seudah, where members had the opportunity to share special memories of the synagogue that they have from their years spent in the community.

After Shabbat, the community took a final community photo of all who attended and they also write special messages for the congregation of 2065 to place in a time capsule which was put in the synagogue. 

Whilst the rest of the community were writing their time capsule messages, budding grafitti-artists amongst their youth members had the chance to explore their talent by painting the Schroter Hall wall. A photo was also taken of this and placed in the time capsule.