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ShabbatUK at Finchley US
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Wednesday 28th October 2015

Finchley US had an amazing ShabbatUK. It launched in the community on the Monday before Shabbat with a Shabat Leil Iyun shiur where participants learnt about Shabbat.

Many members of Finchley attended the Great Challah Make, where 5,000 people came together to make challah. The following night, Shabbat started with a wonderful Kabbalat Shabbat service, chicken soup Kiddush and a story-telling activity for the children. Many stayed for a delicious Friday night meal, photos of which can be seen below.

Shabbat day continued the festivities with children's activities and debates for the youth on free speech and for adults on the 11th Trial of Abraham. ShabbatUK concluded with a lovely Havdalah service.