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ShabbatUK at Ealing US
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Thursday 29th October 2015

ShabbatUK was a tremendous success at Ealing Synagogue.

We were delighted to host our guests, Aron and Rochel-Leah Lovatt who led the activities for the day.  Our Shabbat morning service was enhanced by Aron's superb leyening and the first of three Divrei Torah, the first one being about the meaning of the word Shabbat and how it can be construed to have different connotations.

Over 50 people attended a sumptuous lunch organised by one of our co-Chairs, Dawn Shestopal.

Zemirot were sang and to keep the mood light we had a multiple choice quiz composed by Ella Marks. Questions were answered by holding up different coloured card depending on the answer.

During the afternoon, Aron led an interactive discussion about Abraham, the sacrifice of Isaac and the tests of G-d.   

A Seudah Shlishit included a D'var Torah by Rochel-Leah Lovatt on the meaning of Shabbat and how it can influence the working week.

The "ruach" of Shabbat was felt throughout the day and everyone joined in Havdalah to bring to an end a most enjoyable, entertaining and communal ShabbatUK.