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ShabbatUK at Alei Tzion
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Wednesday 28th October 2015

ShabbatUK at Alei Tzion was celebrated like all good Jewish events, with learning, eating and dancing. We all got into the mood before Shabbat with an audio shir from Rabbi Roselaar on one of the 49 Melacot and the learning continued over the course of Shabbat with a series of topical shirum.

The eating came in the form of a sold out Friday night dinner where we invited local Israelis to share a Shabbat meal with the community.

We were honoured to be joined by the Israeli ambassador who gave an inspirational talk encouraging us all to get more involved in Israel advocacy by writing letters to MPs and the media.

The final event was a communal havdallah ceremony with hot chocolate and candyfloss providing a fitting end to an inspirational Shabbat.