ShabbatUK 2017 at St John's Wood
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Wednesday 1st November 2017

ShabbatUK was an incredible success in St John's Wood Synagogue. It all began last Wednesday with a Young Adult Challa Make at Rabbi and Rebbetzen Golker's home. Over 35 young adults had an unforgettable night. 

Click here to view highlights of the event.

On Friday night we had a joint service with Saatchi and Anshei Shalom communities followed by a Sushi and Whisky kiddush. Our extraordinary scholar in residence spoke and certainly got everyone in the mood.

On Shabbat day we had a cross communal Kiddush/Lunch which was attended by over 400 people. We then returned to the Synagogue for a 45 minute keynote lecture from Moe Mernick (our scholar in residence) who shared an unforgettable and inspiring story of how he overcame his debilitating stutter. People were deeply moved.

For the rest of the day we had the incredible ShabbatUK lounge (photo below) where over 100 people stayed for the entire day observing Shabbat together. We converted a hall in to a lounge with sofa's and coffee tables and board games and table tennis and there was an electric atmosphere. We concluded Shabbat with a magnificent Seudat Shlishit where we had over 250 people who were addressed by Rabbi Joseph Dweck. We finally Shabbat concluded with a musical Havdallah led by Yossi Binstock.

 The ShabbatUK lounge at St John's Wood