ShabbatUK 2017 at Edgware
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 1st November 2017

Edgware United Synagogue would like to thank everyone for making ShabbatUK an amazing success and for being part of the celebrations for this Shabbat, whether you attended Friday night dinner in the shul, Shabbat lunch in the shul, Friday night dinner at Rosh Pinah School, the children’s Challah Make or the adults' Challah Make.

Finishing off with a Havdalah mini-concert with the AhMen Singers. More than 700 people took part in these celebrations and we at Edgware United are proud to have been able to support ShabbatUK.


Thanks to the Chief Rabbi's Centre for Community Excellence, and to the Chief Rabbi himself for honouring us with his presence at our Challah Make last Wednesday. Thanks and appreciation go to the many people within Edgware United who made all these events possible. We are in awe of the many people who do so much, voluntarily, for no other benefit than the satisfaction of supporting the community.


But, of course, you do not need to wait till next year to be a part of our sensational community - you are always welcome.