ShabbatUK 2017 at Birmingham Central Synagogue
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Wednesday 1st November 2017

Four candles? No

Fork handles? No

Six candles? Yes!

We had a thought for ShabbatUK – let’s make havdallah candles, and we invited The Wax Studio in Leamington Spa, who had made havdallah candles before, to Central Synagogue to teach us how to make them.

The ladies of the Rosh Chodesh group were excited to be making something so innovative – and came along eagerly. Our instructor had made special rings so that six wicks could be dipped at the same time. None of us realised that we would need to dip quite so many times though! And a circle of women was formed to enable the wax to set after each “dunk.” 

We had white or green wax, made from palm oil – most of us chose to use alternate colours so that it would be more exciting as the candles burnt down. 

At the end of about ten dips we were ready to plait. It looked so complicated that several of us were beginning to panic but it was just like plaiting hair… except we did two strands at a time. We had so much fun and were overwhelmed by our results.