ShabbatUK 2016 at Woodside Park
Date Uploaded: 
Tuesday 15th November 2016

With 200 packing to capacity the Shul Hall for Rebbetzin Gila's 2nd challah make, a Friday night Chicken Soup Kiddush, a full day programme with hot lunch for 350, Q&A from Israeli War heroes being hosted in the community, children's and youth activities with visiting madrichim, panel discussion and a spectacular Havdalah concert by Hershele and the Soul Flame Band, Woodside Park's ShabbatUK was in the words of Rabbi Hackenbroch,

"truly phenomenal, and added to our new Eruv which went live for ShabbatUK for the first time, ShabbatUK ignited a spark of spirituality which will be carried by our community forward in the year ahead". 

Rabbi Hackenbroch made special mention of the amazing team of volunteers who made this programme possible but wanted to stay anonymous. 

The only way to describe it properly is to see the highlights video below!

Women of Woodside Park with ShabbatUK's Challah Mascot at Havdalah Party 

Rabbi's son holds aloft Havdalah flame to mark end of an amazing ShabbatUK at Woodside Park