ShabbatUK 2016 at Western Marble Arch
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Tuesday 15th November 2016

ShabbatUK at Western Marble Arch was a tremendous success. Last Thursday evening, Rebbetzens Natalie Rosenfeld and Emma Taylor organised a Challah Make with mostly ladies but also a few men taking part. Everyone was delighted with their plain, chocolate chip and raisin challah’s which all looked and tasted delicious.

On Friday night the Mintz Beis Hamedrash was packed with people enjoying a lively davening and Torah class. For the first time ever, WMA then hosted a Friday night Kiddush where everyone was treated to champagne and a tasty range of canapes. There was then a communal Shabbat dinner where the guests of honour were ten recent high school graduates from Haifa who will soon be joining elite IDF units.

On Shabbat day in Shul, the community celebrated Robbie Bernard’s Aufruf who will be marrying Olivia Weinberg next week. This was followed by a wonderful Kiddush and then a fascinating talk from James Sorene, the CEO of BICOM. James spoke about his experience in defending and promoting Israel, and then took some questions from the audience. This was followed by a lunch for WMA’s new and growing Sephardic minyan with lots of North African cuisine and a fantastic atmosphere.