ShabbatUK 2016 at Ruislip
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Monday 14th November 2016

Nearly 70 members attended a wonderful Friday evening of prayers, song, dining and conversation.

The tables were laid with white cloths, blue serviettes and flower arrangements. The catered food for the meal had been delivered earlier in the day and duly prepared in the Synagogue kitchen. Later, Ladies Guild members and four waitresses were at the ready to help plate and serve a sumptuous three course dinner bringing together weeks of negotiating, arranging and advertising to fruition, to produce a splendid Shabbat evening.

It was good to see members and their families arriving and chatting. The candles had been lit. The Maariv Service took place, followed by Kiddush and Hamotzi.

Rabbi Stanley Coten welcomed our guests Chazan Yossi Saunders and his wife, Miriam and their two daughters.

Before we began the meal Chazan Saunders sang songs of prayer encouraging everyone to join in, which heightened the mood of the event. Between courses, he entertained us with more songs and jokes. When the meal was over Chazan Yossi delighted us with songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, Italian and English -  we could  all have listened into the early hours of the morning to his beautiful voice.

The evening seemed to fly by. Rabbi Stanley thanked our guests and all who helped to make it such a success and announced he was looking forward to the next event, a Melava Malka to be held in the Synagogue Hall in January with Guest Chazan Elliot Alderman.

Our Chairman of the Board of Management, Menachem Briskman, requested the help of those who were able to assist in rearranging the hall back to its normal state ready for the morning Shabbat Service. There were plenty of willing hands and many grateful thanks to those who helped.

Everyone had so enjoyed themselves and all left smiling.

On ShabbatUK Shabbat morning, Ruislip Synagogue had the great pleasure of hearing Chazan Yossi Saunders rendition of many of the prayers with melodies  including ‘Sim Shalom’ to the tune of ‘I dreamed a dream’ and ‘Close every door to me’ from ‘Joseph and his Amazing Coloured Dreamcoat’ and ‘Uvunucha Yomar’ sung when the Sefer Torahs were back in the Aron Kodesh.

After the Service, there was a splendid Kiddush followed by Mincha.

Many thanks went to our Guest Chazan and all who had helped to make Ruislip ShabbatUK a very memorable event.